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Mombasa is an urban centre spread over a large area and has lots of activities to do. It is the most famous tourist destination in Kenya, offering unique activities such as a trip to Tsavo East National Park to see Man Eater Lions, palm groove trails, small jungle treks, etc.

Wild Waters Waterpark
Please book in advance for admission to Wild Waters Waterpark Kenya, and enjoy a day out with kids.
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Tsavo East National Park Tour
Take a Day Trip to Tsavo East National Park. Experience breathtaking Tsavo wildlife, from giraffes to Predators stalk impalas, gazelles, elands, zebras, fringe-eared oryx, dik-diks and other prey animals.
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Day Tour of Mombasa
Those who plan to have a short stay in Mombasa can take a day tour that will cover almost all main attractions and a few fun-filled activities.
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Visit Wasini Island ( Kisite Marine park)
A 'dolphin trip' as it can be named, you can swim with the dolphins. Do Snorkeling at one of the best beaches globally, and It is the most protected Marine park in Kenya.
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You can also plan the following of our few other well-planned tours with guides to extract the most from your Mombasa stay!

Explore Taita Hills from Mombasa
From Mombasa, take a safari tour to Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Explore wildlife reserves during the hours when animals are most active.
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Half-Day Scenic Bike Tour
On this mountain bike tour, have fun and see a part of rural Kenya that many visitors miss when they opt for guided tours.
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Full-Day Mombasa Excursion Tour
Explore Mombasa's history, old town, and nature. Get in-depth information about culture, heritage, and local cuisine from the local guide.
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