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From Nairobi, Mombasa is accessible via road (8-hour drive), via railway on the Madaraka Express (between 4:30-hours or 6-hours depending on the train selected) or by air (45-minute flight). The commute by railway is also inexpensive, and you have a chance to see wildlife as the railway line cuts across sections of animal parks.

The Moi International Airport in Mombasa is very well connected with all the major cities in Africa and the world. No doubt the airport has a remarkable contribution to the growth of the city's tourism. Kenya Airways and Air Kenya offer the most frequent flight schedule to and from Mombasa to various destinations.

After airways, it is the Kenya Railways that offer train services all through the country. Located just opposite Haile Salassie Avenue, fares are highly economical, where first or second class options are easily accessible.

The trains also cater to the needs like breakfast, lunch and dinner, wherein you can enjoy your journeys to the beautiful wildlife on your way to your destination.

Kenya Bus Services, the cheapest for the public transport and the minibuses' Matatus' are popular among the tourists and locals. Just an acquaintance of some of the well-spoken local terms can make your travel easy-going.

Taxis and cabs are also easily accessible on a rental basis.

The city of Mombasa has most of the medical services centred on the city centre. So, if you are visiting the town for the first time, keep these few names like Mombasa hospital, Aga Khan Hospital, Pandya Memorial hospital and Coast General hospital in mind that might help you out if you meet with anything unsound.

The Central Police Station is located at the heart of the town, and regular patrols help maintain solidarity. You can seek their help as they extend full co-operation, especially to the foreign visitors, provided you too maintain concord and with law.

The best time to visit Mombasa is from the end of June to early September and from December to January. Being the primary holiday season, it is always advisable to book your tickets well in advance to get fair prices and the best of the packages.

One must pay enough consideration while making the online booking. Factors like taxes, travel insurance differ from agency to agency.